Unpaid leave

I have a lot to be thankful for.  I am taking a spell of unpaid leave and my colleagues are very happy for me. Which is not a given. I thank them for being so supportive.

It has caused me to reflect on the need for change , the different ways it is embraced and how it is sought out , if at all.  I, more than most , perhaps , love the warmth of bed and sleep and often struggle to lift myself from its comfort. Sleepy,idle or not keen on the disruption, getting out of bed  has to be done. I have even been trained to do it at very inconvenient hours. Not in a formal way as such, with advice on how best to do it , but with the shrill urgent call of a bleep calling to whatever emergency a delivery suite  or neonatal unit or casualty department  has to offer.

Kreislaufstoerung  is a wonderful German word. Getting out from the horizontal to the vertical , to the safe to the urgent , to the known to the unknown is uncomfortable .It is also invigorating , stimulating and raises the heart beat to a new awareness of surroundings and new possibilities of being . We are created to explore and seek

So the first irritation of change can be welcomed but if we find that a struggle, a planned timetable for change can be sought out.Repeat this a few times in life  and a new understanding of surroundings builds up . An new awareness of the other ways and a new resolve that flexibility can be exciting and not a threat. And this is why a period of prolonged leave can enhance an individual’s well being . It can enhance an organisation and community too.

Thank you Spectrum Wakefield for allowing me change .

( and I shall have to be changing my  blog’s strap line very shortly )

Navigating the Rhubarb Triangle

Drip drip drip on the glass after an alarm gone too early . Really?do this ride around the abbeys?
The thing about fundraising for such a great cause as Mercy ministries is that it focuses the mind to get the job done . So a really big thank you for all who have given so generously This is life changing stuff for eternity .And I have so many prayers and pray-ers that yesterday’s blog could have been called ‘Be preprayed’ For those who think they miss out on pray-ers or those who think its a load of rubbish , ask me sometime It’s life saving stuff .

What a start with Jens to accompany me to Hawksworth Thank you x And a lovely lesson in humility as the bike chain fell off at first gear change and helping hands were great. Then the first hill which I am not fit enough to cycle .
Dithering to the last, I took the A65 and with a left glance at my birthplace ,before a right look to family graves in Horsfoth, Kirkstall was quickly in view .I have never loved you A65 , packed, queues , speed cameras . How many hours have you wasted for Leeds commuters ? But by your faults,I was pleased to go faster than the ugly menacing SUVs and overtake bus and truck . Go cyclists go ! We need that Olympic legacy .State of the Art tracks. Not white lines on main roads.

Kirkstall is wonderful, so large and one of the best preserved Cistercian monasteries .I sat overlooking the river . A time of private thoughts … And then it was far too cold and time to pedal on. The Rule of Benedict was breaking because of a sleepy complaining rise from bed and indulgence of self, feeling the cold.
I was so happy to cycle the canal tow path from Kirkstall to Woodlesford and pick up the Trans Pennine route This has improved so much since tarmaced So much smoother than any neglected road.On the roads , the ruts are so deep and dangerous that accidents will happen . Corporate negligence of allowing the status quo and deterioration of road surfaces lies at the feet of all of us who have an MP to write to .And today’s social problem Litter litter litter. Leeds Litterpool Canal

The rhubarb triangle was made easier to travel through with the track but my artistic attempt to photograph strong red stalks and green leaves was thwarted by an old lady forbidding me to use my camera .I thought she was strange but she thought me stranger . Her husband had an overwhelming flush of Polite Englishness and asked if I liked Rhubarb. A strange encounter but no rude barb and no swallowing up into an abyss.
So to Monk Bretton. Found not easily but warm and empty. I had the whole abbey to myself .Oh Barnsley , so much grimness by association ,you are beautiful. Stand up ,erect , love yourself,tidy yourself and be attractive again. Would anyone believe the best cycle track I have been on in the Uk is between Barnsley and Wombwell? You have an uphill struggle Wwell to promote yourself even to an obstetrician but cycling is a great assett. You could start there.
Back to topic .Roche Abbey so amazing and Sister Minny ( not a nun…my big sis ) supplied cups of coffee and water and moral support Thank you! It sustained me to Doncaster train station and onto tonight’s resting place of Selby . After some cross winds , rain and more rain it was special to arrive with a clear blue sky allowing the sun to reflect on the great Norman Abbey and make it shine. Good night and thanks for reading