Family ,friends ,food and flowers

Family and friends You are wonderful . Jens ,’Thank you’ for a new lightweight bike and dates for blue sky cycling .Like my lovely biking friend yesterday ,I have carried a lot of precious stuff ,two sons,on my oldtimer . Sentimental bike bonds are not appropriate climbing a 1in4 away from the coast . But those sons made me believe I could long distance cycle by inviting me on half of David’s JoG to LE trip in 2007 .And the abbeys? I wouldn’t be doing this if Jens had not found a great big book on the abbeys of Yorkshire . That is the basis of this trip . So of course I miss them , but Yorkshire has become an introvert’s heaven for a week . Oh and our dogs? I caught up with a wonderful pack of intelligent fox hounds .30 of them to stroke. So yes, when I saw a couple with two black labradors we had a dog and abbey conversation.

But to the people whom I did meet, the abbey interest is awakening . Teachers, shopkeepers and a fellow cyclist who slowed down to chat a while as we rode .He wasn’t a lycra guy , who mostly seem too earnest to give a nod . Beware Andrew Marr .
I loved the primary school teacher at Whitby today. She enthused her class with great tales of history ,Hilda and Protestants. I told her about my 8th birthday on a school trip to Kirkstall with Mrs Brown. Never forgotten.
I loved the waitress at breakfast .She really did ask ‘Tea or coffee’ . Coffee’ I confidently grinned and was not disappointed
And those great texting ,FB photo liking and retweeting friends .You do make my pedals turn a little faster. Thank you

Today was a real milk and honey day but maybe not for my friends living below the poverty line for five days.Diet and energy filled my thoughts . Honey and milk are keeping me pedalling and my lovely waitress gave me mini jars to fuel me to Rosedale tonight. Could you live on that with an apple carrot and banana for under five pounds? It would need to be cheap honey but it has perfect sweetness and milk perfect balance . It sounds monastic .Rule 39 of Benedict ‘ there is nothing so inappropriate for a Christian as overindulgence ‘ Well done , friends for highlighting this .
Rievaulx to York tomorrow. Goodnight

1 thought on “Family ,friends ,food and flowers

  1. I survived on peanut butter and Jelly (jam) in a single jar, that resembles a barber’s pole, when I was traveling round the US as a student – by carefully sticking the knife into one or the other I didn’t have to taste both at once. You’ll get to recognize the lycra-types depending on what it says on their jerseys – some have togs representing serious racing clubs, others get souvenirs from distance rides, yet others just buy jolly designs.

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