Tea or Coffee ?

I’m staying in a coffee hotel tonight. Not expensive, breakfast included quality shampoo and a hairdryer. That’s what makes a coffee hotel .I haven’t tried the coffee yet ,so I don’t know for sure but I am. confident to try tomorrow . Isn’t it sad that ‘beware the coffee ‘hotels still charge full rates? So I am very happy here with the fluffy towels and the attention to detail

Beautiful roofed Abbeys today. Selby Abbey ,Howden Minster,Beverley Minster, Watton Priory and Bridlington Priory .A special time of morning prayer in Selby set the day off to a good start (after the baked bean drenched fried egg. … Last night was a tea hotel) . Three delays today .A wrong turning , a six mile diversion and a Fiona moment of leaving bike keys at the bakery . It was good to get to Beverley Minster ,site of an Anglo Saxon monastery but the present building an amazing parish church . So the welcomer there told me , school masterly ,when I said what I was up to . They serve tea and coffee in flasks for any to self serve so they still get my vote and the Minster can speak for itself
To make up time and avoid an A road I rested myself by train to Watton Abbey. This one has a roof ,as it is now a private house ,a few ruined walls in the gardens .And so to Bridlington Priory. Rushed but admired .I trained again to Scarborough to keep on schedule
Whom did I meet today? A lovely gentleman at Howden with a splendid 60 year old bike .He told me about basket loads of vegetables from his allotment .I said I have an old timer too , but only 40 years old and I’ve left it at home . We bonded . And the fantastic baker in Howden who bakes well and found my keys and the welcoming carer in Howden Minster A friendly place indeed .
Whitby tomorrow .Goodnight

2 thoughts on “Tea or Coffee ?

  1. Thx Mrs S for such uplifting and enjoyable bedtime reading. Continued prayers and that each day beomes even more special and you ride with God deeper. Sleep well and hope you enjoy amazing coffee at breakfast x

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