Driving around

It all started well enough. Leisurely breakfast ,not too early . It would be normal to look forward to test driving new cars. But I’m contrary and like my car to be able to take some more knocks without being noticed. Yes, to all things new, but a big no to the first spoiling of newness. And that’s the logic. Stick with the old .
So to do a test drive, I admit , I needed some persuading . VW Harrogate. These guys are on the ball, greet with a smile , coffee , knowledge and understanding . Good test drive . May well get the business. So to next door. A famous 4 rings showroom. I’ll spare you the details but after 40 minutes and an offer to drive a car with 30000 plus miles on it instead of the new A3 we were saying our goodbyes to the manager. The contrast between expectation in a glass car palace and failing of customer service at a basic level leaves a tainted feeling .Let’s have a cup of tea and get over it!
But plans that never plan for the unexpected , or emotions that never plan for the surprise cannot expect resilience . So having thought that the day’s driving was done by 3 pm ,it was 7 pm when we turned the corner in Leamington Spa , heading back to Yorkshire with a passport . The saving of a 20 minute test drive was exchanged for six hours in a car with over 105,000 on the clock . Gas guzzling , oil demanding and no longer pristine but it saved a holiday and gave time for conversation. No need for a radio with good company , but maybe ,…yes I would love a reliable audio system in a car . Audi . Oh dear .