Stopping the Starting


The Libyan Coast.
Where Africa meets the Mediterranean. The  Mediterranean calls back promises of Europe.

It is obvious much much more must be done to stop the trafficking of Adventurous-by-Circumstance across these waters,    or into the deep
deep depths of these waters.

Conflict and inequality embracing deprivation and desperation.
Talent and determination at the mercy of cruel opportunists.Lives washed away and more boarding boats behind.


Stopping the Starting. Stopping the conflict and inequality, deprivation and desperation must be our target. Africa is not to be ignored.

Rest in peace. Unknown.
Known unto God.

Youth is wasted in the inequality.

I took up the challenge to join the sixth formers. They are a lively group,hungry for education, for success at exams and seeking a bright future. This group all  want to study medicine  and they want to be my friends on Facebook. They want to write e mails to me and they want to know how to find funding grants for higher education.They are bright and they deserve a great future. Who knows? Will inequality rob them?  rob their families, rob their communities, rob Uganda? or will the cuddle of inequality and dependency slacken into the orgasm of empowerment?


Here they are ( with permission)  with self made Dorcas who can pump fluid around her circulation