Traffic ballet

To my generation who don’t know Uganda,Entebbe means one thing. Days of tension,anguish ,heat and dehydration and then the storming of the hijacked plane on the runway by Israel.It was a brutal week in a land being schooled in brutality.

But Uganda has moved a long way under the current leadership and brutality is not its voice and the Lords resistance army’s active terror is diminished.
Entebbe may still mean airport,but it means connections,and travel,modernity and progress.A new connecting road to Kampala is being built.
But until then, the route is a dodge game of gap grabbing drivers of cars,minibuses,trucks,motorbikes,bicycles ,interspersed with risk taking pedestrians and impatient in-line skaters.Yes ,rollerbladers,squeezing the gaps.

So many capital cities catch up with ‘How to reach the airport’ years after the cumulative delay time can be measured in decades. So collecting at Entebbe twice in 24 hours was a special call on patience. Two carefully co ordinated arrivals expected on the same plane were thwarted by strength of wind in Yeadon and arrival times were shifted to a separation of 11 hours.
The very early second start for Entebbe was almost featureless,but not the first call out at 7 pm.
The traffic flow,full of disbelief and absent risk aversion included an inner circle of roundabout motorcyclists in the dark travelling in opposite flow to the main traffic.As a choreographed piece of theatre it may have looked wonderful,but the lights on the vehicles were random and the jerky braking of late see-ers spoilt the ballet .And anyway the in line skater proved unpredictable.
Then the stops.Stop.
And the motorcycles moving as if they were plaiting threads around the stationery vehicles.
And the fuel consumption on standing still and the concentration needed but teased by the texting taxi driver.
It was horrible and I don’t want to write anymore about it.
Well done,my drivers,you were superb.

Dwellers all in time and space

Hub airports. People watching can leave many questions. Where have they come from? Where are they going?  Who is alert and who is struggling as they exit into the new time zone. Who is connecting quickly and who has a long long wait? 
It’s very difficult to tell, but the numbers just show how mankind likes to connect and connect in person. Skype can be very useful and a great time and money saver, but face to face human time builds a more complete relationship.
To those underway on the journey,creed and race,language and dress seem less of an issue than for the settled.The journeying binds us together in an area of our insecurity. Activity and moving seems good and necessary for the human psyche and soul.Lets take Jesus’  words as we  love our  neighbour as ourselves and diminish our differences as we journey.

( and when I next write I’ll sure let you know if my travelling neighbour squashes into My space on this journey.. May need extra grace if that happens)