International Women

I love this place. I love the people. This is such a good experience. OK, sorry if  I  make you feel left out, but it is great.
There’s so often the unexpected and the   slightly confusing breaking out into very special.
Yesterday was such a day.
International Women’s Day and a real treat to celebrate women.

It was special to have a 10 minute  talk on IWD  from the front of church. A speech to honour and thank women in a patriarchal society. A  speech to remind us that so much of women’s work goes unpaid  and often unrecognised. Not a militant speech but one celebrating difference but asking for women to be recognised. 80% of the farm produce in this land of agriculture is done by women. Staggering figures. And  all that water carrying…. Really hard work is the name of  the game here. And as I  write,  my today washed clothes are delivered to my room, clean dry and ironed. No washing machines here.
And then later the special meeting after church for those  who had saved money over the year.My Luganda is stuck on page two of the language book so understood a short gathering from translation but here that means 3 hours or there abouts. I didn’t stay for all of it but it was in fact a community micro finance project run by the ladies of the church. People of different faiths and no faith who had saved money over the year and the members who had borrowed to expand or start a business. It  was all so local and so friendly and so successful. More chickens,more eggs, more income and loans repaid to people known to the borrower. And what I loves was that the women had quietly started it and men and women were part of it, blessing the community. It seemed so obvious but it had taken courage and determination of a special lady to start it. It’s  these moments of ‘wow’ in the unexpected places that make me love these people. Thank you ladies. You are a talented industrious group that can teach me a lot.

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