A roads to die for

A cycling helmet is not a ‘Kill me Quick ‘ hat . Ministry of Transport do you really expect cyclists to travel down the A19 dual carriageway? Yes you do ! Mount Grace disgrace . So rather sadly I was restricted to sitting high above Mount Grace Priory , but eating a Bettys quiche.
Friday started early with matins in York Minster . Held in a side chapel ,it was hard to locate . The nave empty ,I stood completely alone with the vast history of that place . The distant human sound was confused with the echo . The service was simple but a very special start to the day

St Mary’s Abbey at York is a peaceful city park with plenty of flowers and trees and the river which were all at their best .Too early for breakfast in York and with a train to catch it was worth joining the early gathering queue to enjoy Bettys Northallerton.
Mount Grace , Easby and dramatic Richmond were followed by Egglestone ,Barnard Castle and the A66 provided another conundrum of access by bicycle .Yes , briskly over the A66 between 40 ton trucks is what is expected .. Or cycle it . A lovely local lycra lad ( well my age) confirmed my route as the only option . At Moulton, too ,near Richmond small country roads are just left to go nowhere or lead to long detours via main roads around the A1 .A kind lady of Moulton said some folks climb the crash barrier to cross the A1 on foot . These are problems solved by a few bridges but woefully missing in planning .So kind was this lady , signposted an alternative way and she sponsored me.
https://www.justgiving.com/Fiona-Schneider3/. Please join her

As you see I have power again. Another day in a shining jacket , tolerated by good folks in Redmire who lavished tea and cake upon me , was followed by my Knight in shining armour with Charger treating me to dinner.Thank you ,Jens. Onward to Bolton Priory to meet there again . With a few more abbeys between for me ,nameley No 26 Coverham ,then Jervaulx,Ripon,Fountains and Bolton .Fountains Abbey I am on my way .

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