Blogging by finger

As some of you may know .I shall be cycling around the Abbeys of

Yorkshire soon .Mainly for me and also for charity Yes , you can donate here Sadly or sensibly , I have delayed my start by about three weeks because of the cold weather. I am really looking forward to it , knowing the first two days will be hard work. This way I shall have a little time to be fitter .theory

But this is not what this blog is about. Its about how to blog on a minimum of luggage on the move. Can I type coherently on a phone ? Will my fat fingers cope with the chore ? Will my fingers get as fit as my legs? !

Many moons ago I decided to study medicine. At least give it a shot. I had wanted to be a flying doctor ever since hearing about them in Australia when I was about six. So eventually the careers advice was tame and perhaps a bit lame . Block headedness set in and if my form teacher said I shouldn’t bother trying then that was enough reason to try for it. And then an equally curious and wrong piece of advice. ‘If you are to study medicine then you will always have a secretary and wont need to learn to type ‘. Teachers , parents beware

Those words of discouragement haunt me still , fumbling so often over a keyboard. I have never ever made myself another ill fitting jacket which was the alternative to typing lessons .

But perhaps today is a day of liberation as I struggle one finger from each hand’ with this iPhone A new technique and those typing lessons would not really have helped .0h. Dear QWERTY Just to see if I can manage to blog on it each day of my Abbey tour

So thats it. It isn’t perfect typing and my keyboard switches readily to german autocorrect. The typing and neck spasm irritate me But maybe it will work. Just for good measure here is a picture. 10 year old D4 the labrador Just checking it out. ( and don’t ask me to edit. Not today anyway )

1 thought on “Blogging by finger

  1. Alternatives to typing – talk as you do a video, speech recognition app (like Dragon Dictation or the built-in iPhone Voice Memos app), photosharing (Pinterest, Instagram). You can use CellSpin or WordPress apps to chronicle your travels.

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